Check out the revolutionary 360° banner by Pervorm

To launch the new Superb line by ŠKODA, Pervorm created this revolutionary HTML5 banner. Therefore, consumers could explore every single inch and truly enjoy the car. We’re proud to present you our revolutionary 360° banner.

Swipeable Banner Ad

By tapping into the power of new technology, we were able to create a swipeable banner ad that provided mobile users with a unique view of the new ŠKODA Superburb.

360° view of  Škoda Superb

To enhance consumer experience, we created a 360° banner that works across all devices. The 360° view is a cool feature that provides the user with fun interaction, making them spend more time with the ad and its message.

Complete Banner Set

We made an entire set of banners formats so that the ŠKODA Superb could be shown across all advertising platforms.

Innovative Design

We took our HTML5 pioneering role seriously and made the unconventional decision to use this new technology instead of the established Adobe Flash, since it highly improves mobile experience.

360° Banner – 300 x 250

One of the transitions that we have created from the ‘billboard’ model is the 300×250 banner format as part of the 360° banner set. This smaller model still provides a unique view of the ŠKODA Superb.

360° Banner – 300 x 600

Further completement of the 360° banner set required us to create a 300×600 banner. This version shows that the 360°  Swipe technique also works within different formats.